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into the bedroom and began to clean and told me I could join me in bed when she wanted. Unfortunately, they refused, so I went back to sleep. A week later I was back in bed when I was called to clean. He returned to the room and asked if the offer still stands last week. I said masterwanker yes, so he took a rveal some sexy underwear and her perfect body. I was nervous, but I could not say I was excited, and soon moved his hand down to my throbbing cock. My surprise quickly got out
Quotes and started sucking hard. She was amazing, and I caught the ball, while the suction is not what he had before, but it felt amazing. Within minutes I was ready and said he wanted to run, hoping that she was leaving, but she only complained of a drink and poured my semen deep into her throat. She swallowed the lot and said nothing and was masterwanker attracted to clean. We had many great sessions after that, but this will always remain a favorite, because it came so unexpectedly.


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That was a long story, but I will condense. I worked hard on the road, needed someone to stay on top of household chores. I saw a local newspaper ad for a cleaning so I gave him a call and she agreed to start the following Wednesday. To my delight, it was quite impressive. A little older than me, but still a body to die for long blonde hair. For the first few months would be cleaned, as I go, but I've worked on a Wednesday after work, stayed in masterwanker bed all night. She went